The Fourth of Ramadan Supplication 

اللَّهُمَّ قَوِّنِى فِیهِ عَلَى إِقَامَةِ أَمْرِکَ وَ أَذِقْنِى فِیهِ حَلاوَةَ ذِکْرِکَ وَ أَوْزِعْنِى فِیهِ لِأَدَاءِ شُکْرِکَ بِکَرَمِکَ وَ احْفَظْنِى فِیهِ بِحِفْظِکَ وَ سِتْرِکَ یَا أَبْصَرَ النَّاظِرِینَ

The Third of Ramadan Supplication

اللّهمَّ ارزُقنی فیهِ الذّهنَ وَ التَّنبیهَ وَ باعِدنی فیهِ مِنَ السَّفاهَةٍ وَالتَّمویهِ واجعَل لی نصیباً مِن کُلِّ خَیرٍ تُنزِلُ فیهِ بِجُودِکَ یا اَجوَدَ الاَجوَدینَ.

the second of Ramadan supplication

O' God, attire me thy mercy, grant me indictment and faithfulness, and purify my heart from the depths of the indictment, for thou hast mercy towards your sincere believers.

The First of Ramadan Suplication

Oh God, bless me to be a thankful fasting person to accept of what pleases thee and thy Apostle, restricted to the origins and branches of the true religion. Oh god for the sake of Muhammad and his pure house hold.

Sheikh al-Tabarsi’s Book Al-Ihtejaj ala Ahlul Lujaj or ‘Invoking the Garrulous’

Al-Ihtejaj ala Ahlul Lujaj or ‘Invoking the Garrulous’ is a book written by Abu Mansoor Ahmed bin Ali bin Abi Talib al-Tabarsi, a Shia scholar from the sixth century Hijri, that discuss the theme of dialogues and debates that took place between the infallibles, peace be upon them, and the Sunnis in various religious subjects.

Iraqi Torah manuscript arrives

  The Iraqi "Manuscript" of the Torah reaches Tel Aviv after it was stolen from the Iraqi Museum during the USA invasion of Iraq in 2003.


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