PMU Brigade encounters 150 displaced persons fleeing ISIS heading to the Iraqi-Syrian border


Al-Tufoof Brigade, a PMU Brigade affiliated with the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, was able to rescue 150 displaced persons fleeing ISIS within its military operations near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Brigade Commander Qasim Muslih said in a statement to the Holy Shrine’s official website, “Al-Tufoof Brigade was able to rescue 150 displaced persons including children and women from a village nearby the Iraqi-Syrian border, who were previously used as human shields by ISIS in battles. Luckily, they managed to flee towards the fronts of the brigade that embraced them and provided them with full protection as well as medical and food needs.”

Muslih added, “The brigade also reunited some families with its members under the rule of ISIS,” noting that the heroes of the brigade were able to return the detainees to their families in a liberated village.

The Commander mentioned that some of the families were stranded because their vehicles broke during the escape in areas that are dangerous and difficult to reach. He explained that the brigade entered these areas, rescued the fleeing families and repaired their broken vehicles at the brigade's repair workshop.

Al-Tufoof Brigade is continuing its operations to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border as well as monitoring the needs of the displaced families and providing them with humanitarian assistance such as food, water and medical services.



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