70 Pilgrims from Karbala arrived at Imam Reza shrine after 42 days of walking



Seventy pilgrims walked from holy city of Karbala to Mashhad’s Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha, peace be upon him.  

After 42 days of walking, these pilgrims attended Imam Ridha Holy Shrine and enjoyed the programs provisioned by management of non-Iranian pilgrims of Shrine’s Dar al-Rahmah portico.

On the side line of this pilgrimage, one of the on-foot pilgrims of Imam Reza said, “Concurrent with martyrdom anniversary of the daughter of Islam Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, with the purpose of respecting ritualization of the household of the Apostle of God, peace be upon them, and for its affection toward Imam Ridha, from long distances toward the shrine”.

Noting that the group encountered lots of difficulties on the way, he added, “Most of the caravan’s members are senior citizens. All of these pilgrims tolerated the route’s problems including the cold weather so that they can come the pilgrimage of their lord”. 

Saying that all Iraqi people are eager to visit Imam Ali Ibn Musa al-Ridha shrine, he reminded, “We are very happy to come to the pilgrimage of Imam Ridha on the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra, peace be upon them”.


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