American doctor: What we've seen contradicts what mass media portrays



An American Christian couple: Dr. Jack Pence and his wife – from Minnesota State – visited Imam Hussein Shrine in the holy city of Karbala.

Pence said – in an interview – that some Americans fear coming to Iraq due to what the media is portraying by conveying only the unpleasant events that take place in Iraq.

He said further that, “The media says that Iraq is completely destroyed and full of violence, and this is not true and the opposite of what we have just seen. We have found a great unity between the Iraqi social spectrum. Therefore, this image some Americans have about Iraq should be corrected, and they should get to know the good things and how peaceful Iraq is.”

He added that they visited Urr ruins, the holy city of Najaf, and the holy city of Karbala where they found their interesting archeological sites.

This is – of course – not the first visit made by people from different countries around the world, but many figures have visited Iraq and realized the sense of peaceful coexistence.



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