Department of Husseini rituals and processions holds a conference in preparation for the revival of Ashura


The Department Husseini rituals and processions in Iraq and the Islamic World held a special preparatory conference on the revival of the Ashura to discuss the organizational, service and security aspects in the presence of representatives and directors of Husseini foundations in the holy city of Karbala.

Ni'ma al-Salman, head of the department, said that "This meeting, which brings together the founders and representatives of the processions and the Husseini foundations in the holy city of Kerbala, and representatives of the local government in the province, both security and services members, aims to get the best results in the revival of these eternal Husseini rites and to bring it to the world in the best possible way," adding that" the best results will not be accomplished unless all the efforts unite, where we put all the issues related to the revival of this occasion in order to reach an exampolary solutions.

Mazen Al-Wazzni, Assistant to the Head of the Department, stressed the need to adhere to the instructions and directives that will preserve the smooth flow of rituals and the movement of processions and other matters of Ashura revival, and the founders of the processions to act upon the principles and values of Imam Hussein's revival.




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