Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to replace the holy red flag



Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has determined the date when the ceremony will be held where the red flag will be replaced with a black one as a sign of the beginning of the sorrowful month of Muharram.

Sayyid Afdhal Shami, Secretary General assistant, said that the ceremony will be held in the holy courtyard of the holy shrine on Tuesday, 29 Thi al-Hija.

Imam Hussein Shrine has witnessed preparations for the upcoming month of Muharram, and furnishing the courtyard of the shrine with a red carpet is one of the first preparations.

The red carpet is to receive the mourning processions that will go into Imam Hussein and then into El-Abbas Shrine to express their sorrow for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, his family, and his companions, peace be upon them.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony will broadcasted on Imam Hussein TV in  five languages Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu, and Turkish.


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