Al-Abbas Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Restoration of a rare Quran dating back to the sixth century AH 14 March 2020
Website dedicated to Quranic manuscripts at al-Abbas Holy Shrine launched 12 March 2020
Covering the floor of the facade of the Qibla gate of the Holy Shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas 30 January 2020
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine holds Third Quranic Contest in London 12 January 2020
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine continues expansion works of Imam al-Mahdi Site in Karbala 12 November 2019
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine honors Imam Hussein TV Group for their coverage of Arbaeen 30 October 2019
Restoration of a historical Qur'an aged more than 200 years 29 September 2019
Banner replacement ceremonies of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas Holy Shrines 31 August 2019
Preparations being made for coming Ashura and Arbaeen pilgrimages 21 August 2019
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine concludes its first summer Quranic session in London 17 August 2019
Courtyard of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas laid with new marble 26 June 2019
Delegations of Karbala’s holy shrines arrive in Germany for ‘Cultural Week’ 15 June 2019
Imam Hussein Media Group honors custodians of al-Abbas holy shrine . 14 March 2019
Political endeavors of Late Taqi Shirazi published in Arabic 13 January 2019
‘Spirit of Prophethood’ Festival Planned in Iraq 13 January 2019
Najaf hosting Quran contest for Iraqi women 10 December 2018
Expansion project of Imam al-Mahdi Site in Karbala underway 03 December 2018
Quran contest held in London 01 December 2018
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine organizes celebration for birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet 27 November 2018
‘Great Prophet (PBUH) Cultural Week’ planned in Iraq 22 November 2018


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