Kabul faces water crisis as drought, population strain supply

The Afghan capital of Kabul faces an eminent crises as drought continues  since shortage of rain and snow, a booming population and wasteful consumption have drained the Afghan capital's water basin and sparked a race to the bottom as households and businesses bore deeper and deeper wells in search of the precious resource.

Freezing temperature kills 15 displaced Syrian kids

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) says at least eight internally displaced Syrian children have lost their lives because of freezing temperatures and the lack of medical care at a refugee camp in southwestern Syria over the past few weeks.

SRW condemns execution of Qatif dissents

Shia Rights Watch International Organization has received confirmed news that Saudi Arabia's security forces have executed six Shia citizens of Qatif during a raid in a process that reflects the authorities' indifference to any reform measures that safeguard human rights on the one hand and state security and stability on the other.

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