Kuwait Shia mosque blast suspect confessed he joined IS terrorists



The main suspect in a deadly attack on a Kuwaiti Shia mosque in June confessed in court to being in the so-called Islamic State terrorist group.

Abdulrahman Sabah Saud told the first hearing of the trial of 22 men and seven women that he joined IS terror group just a day before the June 26 suicide bombing that killed 26 innocent worshipers and wounded hundreds. It was the worst ever attack in the emirate.

Although the public prosecution has not released the official charge sheets, a number of defendants are charged with being in a proscribed group and taking part in the bombing. Most are also accused of assisting those behind the attack.

Those charged are seven Kuwaitis, five Saudis, three Pakistanis, 13 stateless people known as bidoons and another person at large whose identity is unknown.



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