SRW: Saudi government practices a policy of aggression against the people of Awamiyah



Shia Rights Watch Organization said in a statement that it has been "closely monitoring the developments of the tragic situation in the town of Awamiyah due to the unprecedented attack by the Saudi security forces."

The statement added that the systematic and premeditated military attack resulted in the killing of dozens of unarmed civilians, in addition to the destruction of their property.

This fierce attack on the people of Awamiyah came for rejecting a government decision in destroying the ancient area of Masura inhabited by hundreds of Shia families affiliated to the opposition.

The organization warned the Saudi authorities against the consequences of the continued repression and abuse practiced on the people of Awamiyah," stressing "its condemnation of indiscriminate killings carried out by the security forces against the unarmed people.

The organization appealed to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to take urgent action to stop targeting innocent civilians from the town of Awamiyah.



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