Syrian forces advance in Homs despite ISIS counter-attack



The drive of Syrian forces in central Homs continues with new gains made and despite a recent ISIS counter-attack yesterday which pushed troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) off the al-Mashirfah hill near the strategic crossroad town of Jubb al-Jarrah.

Now the Syrian forces have fire control over Al-Baghiliyah and with this achieved, it is predicted that the town should soon be abandoned by ISIS to the SAA due to the impracticality of its defense under such conditions.

At the present time there is little information available on the manpower losses suffered by ISIS as a result of today’s operation, however pro-government sources say that at least two Toyota pickups fitted with 23 mm ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns were destroyed with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) in the area the assault took place.



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