Shia Quranic martyr commemorated in Qatif



A memorial service was held for Amin Muhammad al-Hani, a prominent Quranic figure in the Shia-majority region of Qatif who was killed by Saudi regime forces in June.

The commemoration ceremony was held in Jarudiya town in Qatif on Thursday. 

Organized by the Qaris Council of Eastern Province, it was attended by the martyr’s family members and the region’s Quranic and religious figures. 

A number of Qaris recited verses from the Quran at the event and elegies were also recited in tribute to the martyr.

Addressing the ceremony, Ahmad al-Hani, the martyr’s son, underlined his efforts to serve the Quran and promote fraternity, compassion and benevolence in society. The incident occurred on the eve of Eid last Saturday night, when Saudi security forces fired gun shots into Amin al-Hani's car while he was driving in Awamiyah in the restive Qatif region. 

On June 24, on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Saudi security forces killed Hani, the president of a Quran council in the region, as they torched his vehicle in Eastern Province.



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