Free Muslims sends an important message to Gulf States


The International Non-Violence Organization called on the leaders of the Arab Gulf states to seek the language of the brotherhood and seek the common interests of their people away from treachery, conspiracy and fueling political conflicts or boycotts between brothers.

"Most of the people of the Gulf Arab countries are looking forward to the Kuwait summit with the hope that a real breakthrough will emerge for the current crisis between Qatar and the countries that boycott it," the organization said in its letter. Adding “the political crisis has reflected negatively on many social and economic trends and has become an outlet for hostility, hatred and foreign interference in Arab Gulf Private Affairs.”

The statement further added, "the people of common destiny counts on the rationality displayed by the leaders of the Gulf states to put an end to the suffering and caveats that beset the region in general and the Gulf states in particular, especially since many serious challenges and dilemmas are still continuing.”



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