Syrian forces uncover, destroy 300m terrorists’ tunnel in Damascus countryside


Syrian forces have discovered and destroyed a 300-meter-long tunnel used by terrorist groups in the countryside of Damascus.

According to Syria's state news agency SANA on Sunday, the eight-meter-deep tunnel was found in Eastern Ghouta and was used by terrorists to infiltrate into military positions in the region.

After military units thoroughly investigated the tunnel, they found out that the terrorists were planning to use the tunnel to access military positions around a Women’s Prison in the Tal Kurdi region.

Military sources noted that the tunnel had been subsequently destroyed.

Syria has been making back-to-back gains against militants over the past months. The government has managed to clear vast swathes of land from the grip of Takfiri terrorist groups in the west, north and east of the country and the drive continues in the northwest where militants have sought refuge.



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