Egyptian calligraphing world’s largest Quran


An Egyptian man intends to calligraph the largest copy of the Quran in the world.  Muhammad Abdul Sattar, who lives in Egypt’s northern Dakahlia governorate, started writing the copy in February, reported.

He attended a number of calligraphy courses before embarking on this project. He says he has completed half of the job so far.

Each page of the copy measures 9 by 6 meters, containing 44 lines, according to Abdul Sattar. He says he faced many challenges before finally starting the undertaking.

They included finding a place large enough to house the huge copy.  At last, he chose the largest mosque in the city of Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia governorate.

Abdul Sattar says that on average calligraphing each line takes him half an hour.

Currently, a Quran printed in the UAE holds the title of the largest Quran copy in the world.




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