Supporters of Saudi crown prince attack rights activist in London


A Saudi human rights activist and a critic of the kingdom’s royals who sought refuge in the UK has been assaulted in London by men backing Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Ghanem al-Dosari, who is known for satirical YouTube videos criticizing the Saudi royal family, was attacked by two men on Brompton Road in London after he posted a Snapchat to his followers that revealed his location where he was having a coffee with a friend.

After al-Dosari and his friend left the café, two men started following them.

“After we walked 100m or so we were approached by two guys from behind,” al-Dosari told The Independent on Sunday.

“They started shouting at me... they were saying ‘who are you to talk about the family of al-Saud?’ I think they knew where I was from Snapchat, they recognized me easily.”

Viral footage shows a man, wearing jeans and a light shirt, punching al-Dosari in the face as terrified shoppers and families flee the scene while others attempt to separate them.


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