UN official warns of famine that could kill 12 million Yemenis


The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lizgandi, warned that continued conditions in this situation could expose 12 million Yemenis to famine.

"If the humanitarian situation continues in this direction and in this situation, 12 million Yemenis will suffer from famine," Grandi said at a UN humanitarian assessment meeting in Yemen on Monday.

"10 million Yemenis may face pre-famine conditions," she said. "We are losing the fight against famine in Yemen."

"70% of health institutions do not have medicine, the economy is collapsing, and losses are big," she said.

"Seventy-five percent of the population, or about 22 million civilians, need humanitarian assistance and protection, and 80 percent of the children need help. At least one child dies every 10 minutes because of the war," the UN coordinator said.

"What we face in Yemen is unprecedented in our contemporary history. The country is witnessing the largest humanitarian operation in the world, and humanitarian workers are trying to save the greatest number of people. This process is continuing and we hope to remain neutral and independent," she said.

"We need an airlift from Sanaa to Aden to help patients travel abroad," Grandi said. "We need all the facilities to work. Airports must remain open and move freely."


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