SRW condemns execution of Qatif dissents


Shia Rights Watch International Organization has received confirmed news that Saudi Arabia's security forces have executed six Shia citizens of Qatif during a raid in a process that reflects the authorities' indifference to any reform measures that safeguard human rights on the one hand and state security and stability on the other.

According to reports received by the organization, heavily armed security forces besieged the town of Aljash in the majority Shia populated area of Qatif,  before the troops fired live barrage on a house that was home to a number of political opponents, demanding peaceful political reform in the country.

The organization, while condemning the operation, calls on the Saudi authorities to return to wisdom at matters of running the affairs of the country and to review its internal and external policies, especially as they constitute an unprecedented threat to the lives of innocent people inside and outside the country.


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