PEMRA seeks to gag non-controversial mainstream Shia media to please Saudis


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued notices to stop broadcast of at least 72 TV channels that is aired without legal permission from Pakistan authorities.

Apparently, it is good decision if it targets anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam and hatemongering sectarian media but non-controversial mainstream Shia TV channels are also being targeted under a biased policy. 

Shia Muslims are surprised and shocked to see that TV channels such as Hadi TV, Hidayat TV, Ahle Bayt TV, Imam Hussein TV channel are also named in the list of those issued notices. 

The TV channels spreading hate-materials or working against ideology of Pakistan and Islam must not be allowed to broadcast in Pakistan but equating the pro-peace non-controversial TV channels with them has disappointed people. 

Saudi Wisal TV had disseminated hatred against Shia Muslims and after a long time and due to incessant demand from across the society there are plans to ban it but at the same time Saudi-funded Urdu 24 has been allowed to replace the Wisal TV that means working on divisive hatemongering extremist and fanatic Wahhabism by other channel. 

Hence, people demands that ban should be imposed on intolerant and hatemongering fanatics’ channels instead of non-controversial media that preach peace, tolerance and love among Muslims and humanity. The latter must not be equated with the former.



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