‘Globalization of Islamic Arts’ course in Egypt



A specialized course on ‘globalization of Islamic arts’ has been held at the Islamic Arts Museum of Cairo, Egypt.

According to g365 website, the educational program for students, graduates and experts in Islamic arts started on January 27.

Mamdouh Othman, director of the museum, said that the Education and Scientific Dissemination Office of the museum has organized the course.

Eminent academic figures from the universities of Cairo, Ain Shams, Helwan and Aswan present speeches in the course.

The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt is considered one of the greatest in the world, with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster artefacts, as well as metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects of all periods, from all over the Islamic world.

In recent years, the museum has displayed about 4,500 artefacts in 25 Halls, but it houses more than 100,000 objects, with the remainder in storage. The collection includes rare manuscripts of the Quran, with some calligraphy written in silver ink, on pages with elaborate borders.



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