Engraved Quran copy fetches 77bln Rials at Tehran auction


An engraved copy of the Holy Quran was the most expensive item sold in the 3rd Baran Auction in Tehran.

The item, created by Raein Akbarkhanzadeh, measures 140 by 90 centimeters and has a copper cover.

Sold at 77 billion Rials, approximately 540 thousand dollars, it broke the record of artworks' auction in Iran.

The third Baran Auction was held in Tehran in the main hall of Rayzan International Conference Centre on Friday.

A collection of 68 works went under the hammer at the auction dedicated to classic style Persian calligraphy works and unique Holy Quran copies.

Among the other data-x-items sold at the auction on Friday was an old copy of Imam Sajjad’s (AS) Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh dating back to the year 1071 Hijri (1661 AD).



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