Muslim teacher has Eid holiday taken away without any notice


Teachers at a special needs school are up in arms after discovering management took away their right to paid religious holiday right before Eid al-Fitr. Muslim members of staff at Arbour Vale School in England hoping to celebrate the Islamic festival today only realized policy had changed when they requested holiday a few weeks ago. 

They say it’s unfair they are now being told to take it off unpaid and fear it could set a precedent for other schools to follow suit. Staff were previously entitled to three days paid leave for religious holidays.

Teacher Memtaz Khan feels the new policy is ‘discrimination’ and has refused to rule out legal action if management refuses to budge. Ms Khan told ‘For me personally it’s a big deal because it is our religious belief. ‘This will affect us all and every Muslim in the future. Other schools will follow and make this unpaid leave.


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