Human rights report calls for providing Hussainiyat for Morocco’s Shias and allowing them to practice their rites



The Moroccan Association for Human Rights, in its reports of 2018, criticized the legal status of the Moroccan Shias, calling for allowing them to practice their religious rites in Hussainiyat.

According to the report, the status of the Moroccan Shias is very poor as there is no presence of Hussainiyat, and no right to practice their rituals, while the campaign of incitement and hatred continues against them and against the Shia doctrine in general.

The human rights report added that this matter was criminalized within the parliament, all in the context of an organized campaign under the banner of "preserving the spiritual and religious security of the Moroccans", against the so-called "Danger of Shias".

Thus, the speech of inciting hatred and violence against the Moroccan Shias is spreading, and the Moroccan authorities are being treated with caution and mistrust towards the Moroccan Shias, accusing them of being loyal to foreigners. 

Despite the absence of official statistics on the real number of Moroccans Shias, the report on religious freedoms issued by the State Department indicated that their numbers are increasing.

According to the report, the Moroccan state is working by all means to standardize ideological life on the basis of the only creed and the only doctrine, as the official religion of the state, through the media and in all educational, cultural and educational fields.

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