Quran Memorization Center for Visually-Impaired opened in Russia’s Dagestan

A center for memorizing the Quran for the visually-impaired was opened in the Russian Republic of Dagestan earlier this week.

The opening ceremony on Monday was attended by many public and official figures.

The guests expressed hope that the center would be able to satisfy the desire of all who seek knowledge, regardless of any difficulties.

The center's program includes training for both men and women. The studying process will be focused on teaching the correct reading and memorization of the verses of the Holy Quran. The students of the center are to get both religious secular subjects.

It is the second project for people with disabilities implemented by the Dagestan Muftiate. Earlier a center for hearing impaired was opened in the capital of Dagestan. The new center of Quran memorization for blind people is also located in Makhachkala.


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