Terrorist Taliban announces the release of 34 Afghan security personnel

The Taliban terrorist movement announced the release of more than 34 members of the government security forces, who were being held in the northeastern Badakhshan province.

A spokesman for the "Taliban" office in Doha, Muhammad Sohail Shaheen, confirmed on his account on Twitter that the policemen and military personnel in the Kabul administration had been released and were being held in Badakhshan state prisons.

For its part, the Afghan TV channel 1TV quoted a spokesman for the Afghan presidency as confirming that the Kabul government has so far released about four thousand of the terrorist movement's detainees.

The peace agreement in Doha in late February between the "Taliban" and the United States required the movement to release about a thousand prisoners, in exchange for the release of the Kabul government to release five thousand "Taliban" elements, within the framework of confidence-building measures between the two parties.


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