Hyderabad: Demand for rebuilding razed mosques in Secretariat gets shriller

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With statements afresh from some more organizations including All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), the demand for reconstruction of two mosques brought down during demolition drive inside Secretariat complex has gone shriller. Any further delay in providing clarity would mean the government could face ire from the community in the form of 'peaceful protest' cautioned Ulemas.

In the latest, Secretary and spokesperson, AIMPLB and Founder and Director of Al-Mahad Ul Aali Al-Islami (Hyd), Khalid Saifullah Rahmani termed the act of demolition as 'disturbing' and 'unacceptable'.

While tweeting on late night hours on Monday, he said, "The board demands Telangana CMO to construct the demolished masjids in the Secretariat at the same spot where they had been. The government must fix its errors before any public reaction". 

Echoing the sentiments of other Ulemas, Rahmani asked the Chief Minister to witness this as not a political, but religious issue and foundation of the mosques should be laid at same place when the government lays foundation for new Secretariat building and should be handed over to Wakf. 

"We hope CM gives written instructions to officials concerned and in time bound fashion resolve the matter, lest people resort to peaceful protest," he cautioned. Meanwhile one of the active members and Muslim face of Telangana movement, Maulana Hamid Mohammad Khan (state president Jamaat-e-Islami Hind) who has till now maintained silence over the matter opened up. 

In a media statement, he also demanded that mosques are built at the same site. "Chief Minister should break his silence, let the government make a clear announcement of immediate construction of mosques at the same place," he demanded.

Urging the state government to formally announce the reconstruction of two mosques, Hashmi Masjid and Daftar-e-Mutamdi Masjid in the Secretariat premises, he termed CM's statement regretting the 'incident' of razing three religious structures (including temple), as a 'failed political attempt' to reduce the seriousness of the incident.