Title Published Date
Most expensive piece of cloth gifted to Imam Hussein 10 January 2017
Imam Hussein Mosque closed to bar Shiites from observing Ashura holiday 13 October 2016
Cairo University students dismiss Egypt’s Mufti from the university campus 01 September 2016
Iraq’s oldest female Quran teacher honored at Imam Ali Holy Shrine 25 July 2016
Egyptian court puts Morsi on terrorist list for first time 09 July 2016
Egypt sentences ex-President Morsi to life on espionage charges 20 June 2016
“Jesus in Quran and Bible” Exhibition in Greece 03 May 2016
Iraqi football player nears contract termination by Egyptian club because of his faith 01 March 2016
Imprisonment for the killers of Shaikh Hassan Shahata 29 February 2016
Shia Scholar Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar passes away 29 February 2016
-Azhar’s symposium entitled ‘Shiism and How to Confront It’ rages global human rights 22 February 2016
Dar al-Uloom Publishing House participates in Cairo International Book Fair 17 February 2016
Cairo closing “Al-Hussein Mosque” to prevent confrontation 10 February 2016
Egypt decides to close Imam Hussein Mosque in Cairo 31 January 2016
Egyptian Ministry of Endowments bans Shias from practicing Arbaeen rituals 30 November 2015
BBC insults Husseini rituals 24 October 2015
Shia Rights Watch slams closing Imam Hussein Mosque in Cairo 24 October 2015
Egypt closes Imam Hussein Mosque on eve of Ashura 24 October 2015
Egypt sends 800 ground troops to engage in Saudi war on Yemen 13 September 2015
300 Al-Azhar students affiliated to IS 13 September 2015


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