Title Published Date
Over 1.5mn visas issued for Iran's Arbaeen pilgrims 30 October 2017
Visa to be issued for Arbaeen pilgrims at Iraqi airports, border crossings 12 October 2017
Iran, Iraq begin arrangements for Arbaeen Pilgrimage 12 September 2017
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark martyrdom anniversary 31 August 2017
Annual conference for holy shrines of Iraq, Syria, and Iran to be held soon 24 July 2017
Two shia scholars taken into illegal custody in Punjab, Pakistan 16 July 2017
Muslims around the world perform Eid prayer 26 June 2017
Birth anniversary of Imam al-Hassan celebrated worldwide 12 June 2017
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi religious sessions begin 28 May 2017
Shia pilgrims stage sit-in against forced stay at Taftan on return from Iran 04 May 2017
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi: The believers must be steadfast in front of problems 18 April 2017
Quran written on gold pages gifted to Imam AliHoly Shrine 13 April 2017
Birth anniversary of Imam Ali celebrated worldwide 12 April 2017
Belgian woman converts to Islam in Imam Redha Holy Shrine 05 April 2017
Shia world marks Imam al-Baqir birth anniversary 30 March 2017
Najaf International Book Fair concludes activities 20 March 2017
Auspicious birth anniversary of Fatima al-Zahra celebrated worldwide 20 March 2017
Secretary-General of Iraqi Hezbollah Battalion meets Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 02 March 2017
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark Lady Fatima's martyrdom anniversary 02 March 2017
New holy grille to be installed soon at al-Askariyain Holy Shrine 02 March 2017

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