Title Published Date
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation launches Orphan Protection Charter project in Iraq 06 July 2020
Iraq wins the position of Director of the Department of Science and Scientific Research in ALECSO 05 July 2020
Eight terrorists killed and 14 hideouts destroyed in Salah al-Din in Iraq 27 June 2020
NATO Secretary-General: Iraq is the first line of resistance against global terrorism 24 June 2020
Iraq: Two civilians wounded by terrorist attacks in Diyala 23 June 2020
Iraq: ISIS hideout with ammo seized in Kirkuk 17 June 2020
Iraq: Six Rapid Response Forces killed and wounded in explosion near Tuz Khurmato 16 June 2020
Iraq: Destruction of a cave with ISIS terrorists inside in Salah al-Din 15 June 2020
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation holds its deliberative meeting on the strategic project for the elimination of poverty of Iraq’s orphans 15 June 2020
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation starts strategic planning project to eliminate the poverty of Iraq’s orphans 13 June 2020
Iraq: ISIS terrorist trainer arrested in Nineveh 09 June 2020
Iraq: More than 3,000 ISIS terrorists on death row and have not been punished 02 June 2020
Iraq ranks first in the Arab world according to level of intelligence 30 May 2020
119,000 civilian casualties and deaths in Iraq and Syria as a result of international coalition raids 28 May 2020
Iraq: Four ISIS terrorists arrested in left side of Mosul 27 May 2020
Iraq: Three ISIS terrorist vehicles destroyed by air strikes in Anbar 26 May 2020
Iraq announces the reopening of the Zarbatiya-Mehran border crossing 24 May 2020
Iraq: Seven citizens wounded in terrorist attacks in Diyala 14 May 2020
Iraq: The destruction of four ISIS terrorist hideouts in Samarra 10 May 2020
Iraq: Operation Desert Lions launched to eliminate ISIS terrorists 04 May 2020


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