Title Published Date
Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls for unity in Iraq’s political scenery 21 January 2019
Metal structure of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’s new dome completed 21 January 2019
Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces kill, injure dozens of Daesh terrorists in Syria 20 January 2019
Director of the Imam Hussein Media Group suffers a serious health problem 20 January 2019
Iraqi forces ready to tackle remaining Daesh elements in Syria: Commander 17 January 2019
Anwar Al-Jawadayn Institute gives out Chadors to young girls 16 January 2019
New annex of Sefeer Hospital to open soon 16 January 2019
Iraq’s Kufa to host students Quran contest 15 January 2019
Opening ceremony for new holy grille and Mukhaiem Sanctuary roofing project completion 14 January 2019
Om Al-Banin Institute begins educational course in Maysan Province Iraq 14 January 2019
Farid Majeed: Beit al-Mawdah Project reflects principles and values of Imam Hussein 14 January 2019
‘Spirit of Prophethood’ Festival Planned in Iraq 13 January 2019
Asylum seekers launch hunger strike at Australian detention center 10 January 2019
Last stage of tracking paths of Imam Hussein to Karbala 10 January 2019
Two police officers killed in car bomb blast in Iraq 09 January 2019
Launching second phase of building largest tunnel in Karbala 09 January 2019
200-year-old manuscript found, presented to Imam Hussein Shrine 08 January 2019
Al-Furat Center discusses combating administrative corruption in Iraq 07 January 2019
Imam Ali Holy Shrine supervises renovations of schools in Najaf 07 January 2019
Progress made on new basement project being built to hold 4000 pilgrims 06 January 2019

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