Title Published Date
Shia Rights Watch reveals violation of Shia rights in Pakistan coinciding with COVID-19 outbreak 29 June 2020
Anti-Shiism Hinders the Combat of Corona virus in Pakistan 23 June 2020
Coordinated blasts kill four in Pakistan, including soldiers 20 June 2020
Two soldiers killed, four injured in blast in NW Pakistan 13 June 2020
Rallies in many Pakistani cities condemn the demolition of Baqee Holy Shrines 02 June 2020
Blast kills eight, injures 22 in southwest Pakistan 18 February 2020
Six Pakistanis killed and injured by Indian forces in Kashmir 09 February 2020
Pakistan Mosque Bombing Kills 15 11 January 2020
Pakistani citizen sent thousands of saplings to Iraq to provide shade to Arbaeen pilgrims 01 December 2019
Pakistan protests desecration of Quran in Norway 28 November 2019
Pakistan summons Norwegian ambassador over desecration of Holy Quran 24 November 2019
At least 73 dead in Pakistan train fire, police say 31 October 2019
Imam Hussein Conference held in Lahore 15 September 2019
Protesters demand to release missing Shias in Pakistan immediately 12 September 2019
Armed terrorists attack mourners in Lahore 11 September 2019
Pakistan tightens security, blocks mobile services for Muharram processions 09 September 2019
India intensifies restrictions on Indian Kashmir after Friday clashes 25 August 2019
At least four martyred, 15 injured in blast at Pakistan's Quetta mosque 17 August 2019
10 Pakistani soldiers killed in two separate incidents: Military 28 July 2019
Delegations of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi visit Islamic Seminary in Lahore Pakistan 24 July 2019


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