Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
UK imposes sanctions on 20 Saudi human rights abusers 07 July 2020
Revealed: Hundreds of Saudi and Gulf military personnel trained in Britain as Yemen war continues 05 July 2020
Yemen condemns the Saudi raids on Sana’a 02 July 2020
Amnesty International calls for the immediate release of prisoners of conscience in Saudi prisons 28 June 2020
The New York Times highlights the impact of Saudi Arabia's decision on the Hajj on millions of Muslims 25 June 2020
Saudi Arabia carried out 37 air strikes on a number of Yemeni provinces 25 June 2020
Saudi Arabia to lift coronavirus curfew 21 June 2020
Amnesty renews criticism of taking Saudi Arabia off blacklist of child rights violators 20 June 2020
Human Rights Watch criticizes Guterres for not listing Saudi Arabia in the “Shame List” 17 June 2020
WHO in talks with Saudi Arabia on delaying Hajj ritual due to coronavirus pandemic 11 June 2020
Saudi Arabian warplanes launch more than 30 raids in several provinces 10 June 2020
Saudi Arabia considers limiting hajj pilgrims amid COVID-19 fears 09 June 2020
Saudi Arabian warplanes launch nine strikes on the Yemeni province of al-Jawf 06 June 2020
Germany holds Saudi Arabia responsible for the war and humanitarian crises in Yemen 03 June 2020
Presidency of the Iraqi Parliament demands Saudi Arabia to rebuild the graves of the Baqee Imams 02 June 2020
Saudi Arabia opens Prophet’s Mosque in Medina to the public 31 May 2020
100,000 Iraqis were killed by attacks of Saudi suicide bombers 30 May 2020
Saudi Arabia to reopen Prophet’s Mosque and 90 thousand mosques tomorrow 30 May 2020
Saudi Arabia facilitating the return of 450,000 pilgrims stranded due to coronavirus restrictions 28 May 2020
Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia to ease curfew, open mosques outside Mecca as COVID-19 restrictions eased 26 May 2020


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