Title Published Date
Holy Shrine of Lady Zaineb, peace be upon her, decorated with flowers on her auspicious birth anniversary+ Photoes 22 January 2018
Two injured due to attacks on Harasta suburb and al-Dwelaa neighborhood 07 January 2018
Foua and Kefriya are experiencing tragic situations, aid has not entered for 10 months 06 January 2018
Iraqi forces kill 15 Daesh bombers near border with Syria 03 January 2018
Fresh attacks with shells on Damascus Countryside and Daraa cause material damage 01 January 2018
Syrian army soldiers inflict heavy losses on Fateh al-Sham terrorists in Hama 31 December 2017
Two mass graves of martyrs discovered in Raqqa western countryside 31 December 2017
Army restores control over new points in southwestern part of Damascus Countryside 27 December 2017
Two killed, nine injured in terrorist attacks on the countryside of Damascus and Hama 24 December 2017
Army destroys movement lines of al-Nusra in southern area 23 December 2017
Syrian forces uncover, destroy 300m terrorists’ tunnel in Damascus countryside 19 December 2017
Syrian Army retakes areas, eliminates Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Damascus countryside, Idleb, Hama 17 December 2017
Army seizes control over strategic hills in Beit Jinn Farm, Damascus countryside 16 December 2017
Syrian army forces, allies capture areas in Hama province 11 December 2017
Army establishes control over strategic hills in Damascus Countryside 10 December 2017
15 people from Kafraya and al-Foua, previously kidnapped by terrorists, arrive in Aleppo 10 December 2017
New airstrikes leave at least 25 ISIS militants dead in East of Afghanistan 07 December 2017
Coalition says fewer than 3,000 ISIS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria 07 December 2017
Three civilians killed, others injured due to shelling attack by armed groups in Damascus 06 December 2017
Photos: Hijr bin Udei holy shrine receives pilgrims after sabotaging by Terrorists 06 December 2017


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