Title Published Date
Army seizes control over strategic hills in Beit Jinn Farm, Damascus countryside 16 December 2017
Syrian army forces, allies capture areas in Hama province 11 December 2017
Army establishes control over strategic hills in Damascus Countryside 10 December 2017
15 people from Kafraya and al-Foua, previously kidnapped by terrorists, arrive in Aleppo 10 December 2017
New airstrikes leave at least 25 ISIS militants dead in East of Afghanistan 07 December 2017
Coalition says fewer than 3,000 ISIS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria 07 December 2017
Three civilians killed, others injured due to shelling attack by armed groups in Damascus 06 December 2017
Photos: Hijr bin Udei holy shrine receives pilgrims after sabotaging by Terrorists 06 December 2017
Syrians seize munitions left behind by ISIS in Palmyra surroundings 06 December 2017
Eight civilians injured, material damage caused due to shells on Damascus and its countryside 03 December 2017
Syrian Army discovers US, European weapons in Deir Ezzor 03 December 2017
100 families return to their liberated villages and towns in Western Qalamoun, Damascus Countryside 03 December 2017
Syrian Army establishes control over eastern chain of Bardaia hill in Damascus countryside, Deir Ezzor's al-Quriyeh 30 November 2017
9 citizens killed, many injured in attacks in Damascus, Sweda 27 November 2017
More than 13 million Syrians in need of aid: UN 23 November 2017
Iraq launches operation to clear western desert of remaining Daesh terrorists 23 November 2017
Syrian army, allies make new advances against terrorists across country 21 November 2017
Syrian forces fully recapture Daesh's last stronghold on border with Iraq 20 November 2017
New terrorist rocket attacks kill a person, injure at least 29 in Damascus 20 November 2017
Four civilians injured in terrorist rocket attack in Hama Countryside 14 November 2017

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