Title Published Date
Syrian forces free 2000 kilometers of land from Daesh in Homs province 28 August 2017
US killing of Raqqah civilians flagrant violation of international law: Syria 26 August 2017
Over 200 Daesh terrorists killed in airstrike in Dayr al-Zawr 23 August 2017
Mortar shell kills 6 at Damascus International Fair, several injured: Report 22 August 2017
Syrians return home in droves, mostly to Aleppo 14 August 2017
Terrorists target besieged Shiite towns of Kafraya and Fua'a in Syria 12 August 2017
Syrian army, allies make new advances against Daesh terrorists 10 August 2017
Five civilians injured in Deir Ezzor and Quneitra countryside due to terrorist shelling attacks 09 August 2017
Syrian forces liberate last major Daesh-held town in Homs province 07 August 2017
US-led coalition air raids kill nine civilians in Syrian city 03 August 2017
Officials: 19,000 Daesh militants, supporters in Iraq, Syria 31 July 2017
Air attacks, shelling kill civilians in Syria's Raqqa 26 July 2017
Syrian army declares cessation of operations east of Damascus 24 July 2017
Annual conference for holy shrines of Iraq, Syria, and Iran to be held soon 24 July 2017
Syrian army captures more oil wells in Raqqa province 20 July 2017
Hundreds of displaced families return to their homes in Syria's Hama 19 July 2017
Syrian forces regain control of four oil fields in Raqqah, Dayral-Zawr 17 July 2017
Fu’aa and Kafriya hold sit-in due to constant siege 16 July 2017
Monitoring group: US coalition killed 744 civilians in Iraq, Syria in June 13 July 2017
Syrian forces advance in Homs despite ISIS counter-attack 10 July 2017


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