Title Published Date
Monitoring group: US airstrikes kill 11 civilians in Syria 05 July 2017
Multiple blasts, mortar rounds hit Damascus 03 July 2017
Syrian army targets ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor 01 July 2017
PMU Brigade encounters 150 displaced persons fleeing ISIS heading to the Iraqi-Syrian border 01 July 2017
Aleppo under attack as militants target civilian areas before Eid 27 June 2017
Muslims around the world perform Eid prayer 26 June 2017
At least 12 people killed in US-led coalition new massacre against civilians in Hasakah 23 June 2017
UNICEF appoints Syrian refugee Muzoon Almellehan as Goodwill Ambassador 21 June 2017
ISIS prevented from sneaking into Iraq across Iraqi-Syrian borders 21 June 2017
Syrian Army advances toward gas-rich town east of Palmyra 13 June 2017
Deputy Commander: Iraqi fighters finish west Mosul operation successfully 12 June 2017
Birth anniversary of Imam al-Hassan celebrated worldwide 12 June 2017
Nine people injured in rocket attacks by armed groups in Daraa 09 June 2017
Bahrain quietly heading towards a ‘total suppression of human rights’ 06 June 2017
Hundreds of bodies found in mass grave in northern Syria 31 May 2017
Syrian army liberates Homs areas from ISIS grip 28 May 2017
Four civilians dead as blasts hit Syria’s Homs, Damascus 24 May 2017
13,000 refugees flee terrorist-controlled parts of Raqqa province 16 May 2017
Army forces regain control of al-Jarrah airbase in northern Syria 14 May 2017
Syrian army in battle with terrorists along Damascus-Baghdad highway 11 May 2017

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