Ansar Al-Husain Brigade Provides Security to Pilgrims in Holy Karbala, Iraq


Ansar Al-Husain brigade, a subdivision of Popular Mobilization Units, joined operations to provide security for pilgrims during the special days of pilgrimage in the month of Shaaban in holy Karbala. 

Mr. Hashim Al-Mutairi, the commander of Ansar Al-Husain brigade explained about these operations and said: “We have dispatched 200 armed forces to join security operations in holy Karbala and work alongside the Popular Mobilization Units during the month of Shaaban.”

“Thanks God, the special pilgrimage of Imam Husain during the month of Shaaban is being conducted with no security issues. The security forces of Ansar Al-Husain will remain in holy Karbala and its suburbs until the end of this great pilgrimage journey.”

The Ansar Al-Husain brigade was formed after the terrorist’s invasion of Iraq, and in response to the orders of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi, who called on all Iraqis to defend their religious sanctities. This military brigade has been at the fronts to fight terrorists in Iraq.




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