Prayer leaders and speakers from Afghanistan meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

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Over the past few days, some members of Prayer Leaders and Speakers Council in Afghanistan visited the Central Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in the Holy City of Qom, where they met with the Grand Jurist in person and listened to his eminence’s honorable advices. 

At the beginning of his statements, the Grand Jurist appreciated the nonstop efforts of cultural and religious activists in Afghanistan and then, he expressed his condolences over the deadly incidents in this country. His eminence then pointed to the latest developments in the Muslim world and said: 

“The world is going through rapid changes these days, and this change is more evident in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, other counties in the Middle East, Europe, and even some countries in America. However, and despite numerous problems that the Muslim world has gone through, I feel really optimistic about the future of the Shia Muslims.”

The Grand Ayatollah Shirazi then asserted: 

“Today, all religions and faiths spend huge amounts of money to attract the youth. You should also have this commitment to attract and educate the youth so that they can guarantee the future of Shia Islam. Many young people in Afghanistan have this potential to be guided to Shia Islam, so you must turn this potential into reality.”

“The holy Quran reveals two qualities, which if you achieve, you will see it would do a miracle’s work. These two qualities are patience and forgiveness. You can guide the youth in Afghanistan, only if you can earn these two qualities.”