Al-Furat Center discusses combating administrative corruption in Iraq


The Al-Furat Center for Strategic Studies in Karbala, Iraq hosted a panel of legal experts, academics, and media activists to discuss the topic of “The 2018 Iraqi administration and the double-standards in fighting corruption and terrorism.”

Dr. Hussain Ahmed Al-Sarhan, a researcher at Al-Furat Center was one of the key speakers at this panel, who said:

“There are two variables to attend to: First, it is the circumstances, and second one is the nature of the current administration of Iraq.” He then added: “We require to address these two variables with precision and dedication.”

Sheikh Morteza Maash, the director of Annaba Conferences also said:

“The question of corruption is more philosophical rather than political or economic. On the other hand, the issue of terrorism is more likely to be a kind of proxy war. Terrorism, for the most part, is the result of clashes among conflicting parties and coalitions. As it is said by Aristotle, absolute power corrupts absolutely; and so we can find out about the roots of terrorism in autocratic regimes.”



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