Imam Shirazi World Foundation appeals to the international community to save thousands of Syrian families north of Aleppo


The Imam Shirazi World Foundation called on the international community to save thousands of Syrian families trapped in camps north of Aleppo.

"Thousands of Syrian families displaced by the war are besieged by death and hunger, especially those stranded that have become hostages to displacement camps, with no food and warm clothes,” the foundation said in a statement received by ShiaWaves Agency.

It added, "Initial data indicate that these families face the risk of death due to the sharp drop in temperatures with the absence of the supposed means of protection, which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe in the event that it continues, and as everyone knows, the war conditions have pushed thousands of civilians to displacement in the hope of obtaining a safe haven.”

The Foundation appealed to the international community to extend a helping hand to save the families trapped in the camps in northern Syria, asking all international organizations and Islamic and foreign governments to activate their humanitarian role in providing the necessary assistance to protect families facing the death risk, stressing that the risks faced by the camp residents require a comprehensive humanitarian responsibility and does not exclude anyone.


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