Al-Khorasani Religious Authority praises the efforts of medical staffs in countering coronavirus

The Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein Wahid al-Khorasani, sent a message to the medical and therapeutic staffs in Holy Qom Province, expressing his appreciation for their hard efforts and sacrifices in countering the coronavirus and limiting its spread in the country.

The Department of Public Relations at the University of Qom for Medical Sciences announced the contribution of the Khorasani Religious Authority "to fighting the coronavirus by gifting 1,000 N95 surgical masks and 200 pieces of protective medical clothing to the health and treatment team at the Medical Sciences Hospital in the province”.

In regards to the latest updates on the outbreak of the virus in Iran, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Kyanosh Jahanpor, announced that the number of infected individuals has reached 41,495, including 2757 cases of death and 13911 recovered.


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