Letter of Imam al-Shirazi Foundation on the anniversary of the Twentieth Revolution: A Hundred Years of Sacrifices

The Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation sent a message to the afflicted Iraqi people, calling for adherence to the teachings of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, and the need for solidarity and synergy to overcome the affliction that befell them.

The letter stated, "During these days, the Iraqis are commemorating a very important memory, both in history and the present, which is the centenary of the immortal Twentieth Revolution – the revolution that united the Iraqi people under its banner as an expression of its rejection of tyranny and the domination of its capabilities and affairs by the British occupation that invaded the country and imposed its authority in 1917."

It added, "As this revolution represents in all its aspects an important stance in time for the Iraqis to draw pride, especially since it was the first building block for the establishment of the modern Iraqi state, despite some of the problems that accompanied this establishment and the subsequent failures, as it was a total example of the people's ability to achieve their goal."

The Foundation continued, "This blessed revolution continues to provide the Iraqis with the determination, patience and hope to achieve their aspirations, represented by a decent state that cherishes Islam and its people, secures a decent life for all members of the people without distinction, preserves their rights and their dignity and guarantees their security and safety, as the struggle of the Iraqi people continues over the past ten decades in order to achieve their goal, after international and regional conflicts played a catastrophic role in the affliction of the Iraqi people, this was reinforced by the absence of a true national will that can deflect the state from the aspirations of its people.”

The statement concluded, "The Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation calls the Iraqi people to adhere to the teachings of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, and to always be in solidarity with each other in order to overcome the affliction that befell them.” 

The Foundation also calls the country’s competent, honest men to manage the affairs of the state, so that the aspirations of their people are achieved without regional and international conflicts.


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