Young British converts to Islam via cyberspace

A young Christian living in London has converted to Islam in a virtual meeting attended by religious experts of the Office for Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs of Imam Redha Holy Shrine.

French study: 90% of victims of terrorism are Muslims

A study by the French Foundation for Political Innovation on terrorist operations committed by extremists in the world since the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in 1979 until the end of

Middle East Eye: 100 days of the blockade of Kashmir

The Middle East Eye website has published a report on the 100-day-old Indian blockade of Kashmir, the global silence on India’s actions and the prohibition of communication with people there. 

Iraq: Eight ISIS tunnels and hideouts destroyed

A terrorist was killed and eight tunnels and hideouts belonging to ISIS terrorist organization were destroyed in the Hamrin Mountains, according to the Salah al-Din Operations Command.

Uighur activists say China running hundreds more camps

Uighur activists said they have documented nearly 500 camps and prisons run by China to detain the ethnic group, alleging China could be holding far more than the commonly cited figure of one million people.

Germany detains ISIS suspects over attack plan

German police detained three people in the western city of Offenbach Tuesday on suspicion of planning a bomb attack on behalf of the ISIS militant group, prosecutors said. 

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