Coronavirus deaths in China rise to 259 deaths

The Chinese authorities announced, on Saturday, that the number of confirmed deaths from the new Coronavirus has risen to 259 in the country after 46 deaths were recorded in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic in the country.

The county health committee said the number of confirmed infections in the province continues to rise at a steady pace, as it has risen to 1347 cases, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 11,791 infected, according to local Chinese media, quoting official data.

The Spanish Ministry of Health announced late yesterday that the National Center for Microbiology confirmed the registration of the first case of coronavirus in a remote island of the Canary Islands.

The patient was among a group of five individuals who were subjected to follow-up and isolation after discovering that they had been in contact with a German virus-infected man.

In Germany, the number of new cases of infection increased to seven, after the Ministry of Health in the state of Bavaria confirmed yesterday evening that a child has been infected.


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