Iraq ranks first in the Arab world according to level of intelligence

Iraq ranked first in the level of intelligence among Arab countries, according to New IQ Test site, the international site that deals with the classification of countries according to intelligence.

According to the site, "Iraq came first with the most intelligent Arab people, and ranked 20th among the countries of the world, with an average IQ of 87, followed by Kuwait, with an average of 86, then Yemen with a third rank of 85, then tied in fourth rank came Jordan, Emirates, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, followed by Algeria, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia and Oman, all in fifth place with an average IQ of 83."

The site indicated that "Hong Kong and Singapore ranked first with a IQ level of 108, followed by South Korea at 106, and then Japan with a score of 105, while Equatorial Guinea ranked last in an average IQ of 59."

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