One of the weapons of the Iraqi revolution presented as a gift to Imam Hussein Media Museum


The head of the Humeir tribe in Iraq, Sheikh Abd Ali Abdul Khaliq al-Humeiri, presented one of the weapons of the 1920 revolution,  as a gift to the Museum of the Imam Hussein Media Peace Group.

Al-Humeiri said during a meeting with a delegation from the media group and the Mesbah al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development of the Shiraz office in the guest house of the Humeir tribe in Karbala that "this weapon was for his grandfather Sheikh Rasheed al-Humeiri, one of the leaders of the 1920 revolution against British colonizers.

He added that this weapon is a gift from the tribe to the museum of the media group for its work to support the Husseiniya cause and the doctrine of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).



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