Shia Rights Watch mourns martyrs of Twereej Run

Shia Rights Watch issued a statement on the Twereej Run incident at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, where dozens were martyred as a stampede occurred during the revival of the tenth of Muharram, as well as all those who fell as a result of extremism and tyranny of repressive regimes around the world.

"Shia Watch International Organization mourns the martyrdom of a number of participants in the commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, on the tenth of Muharram inside the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, as well as all those who have fallen victim to acts of violence, terrorism, oppression and tyranny around the world,” said the Organization in a statement.

It added, "The Organization has received with great pain the martyrdom of about 31 participants and wounding of 100 others as a result of a stampede while performing the ritual of Twereej Run in which two million pilgrims participated at noon in the holy city of Karbala, according to the sources."


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