Shia Rights Watch condemns the attack on Shia Muslims by the Saudi religious attaché in Malaysia

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The International Shia Rights Watch Organization expressed its strong condemnation of the attack on the Shia Muslims by the religious attaché in the Saudi embassy in Malaysia, saying it was an unprecedented incitement and an invitation to discord and strife among Islamic societies, while calling on the Saudi authorities to take legal measures against it.

The Organization said, in a statement, that it had seen the statements of Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Al-Rabiain, who is a religious attaché at the Saudi embassy in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, saying, "It is not helpful to involve the Shias in any efforts to unite Muslims because they are deviant."

The extremist religious attaché took advantage of a national conference organized by the Elmo Movement in Malaysia to launch his attack on and incitement of Shia Muslims, where he said, “The former Muslim scholars failed in their efforts to bring together the Sunnis and Shias because they could not find any commonalities”.

Shia Rights Watch confirmed that it sent two separate letters to the Malaysian and Saudi authorities, during which it demanded that the aforementioned should be punished for his suspected role in inciting sectarian tensions and inciting against Shia Muslims, stressing the need to remove him from his position.