Shia Rights Watch: Blind hatred kills dozens of children in an Afghan hospital

Shia Rights Watch confirmed that blind hatred that killed dozens of children in a hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The organization said in a statement, it had received the painful news from the capital, which was the terrorist groups targeting a civilian hospital that resulted in dozens of Shia civilians killed or wounded, expressing its strong condemnation of this flagrant violation.

It added, "According to official testimonies, more than 24 were killed and 16 others wounded, all Shias, in the maternity hospital in Kabul, confirming the killing of a number of infants."

The organization pointed out that this heinous terrorist crime comes in the context of the sectarian targeting operations behind the extremist gangs and their organizations, which the international community is still unable to stop despite its global scale.

The organization stressed that the persistence of these flagrant crimes places the international community in front of a humanitarian, legal and moral responsibility that everyone must urgently correct.


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