IHTV appeals believers around the world for donation

IHTV appeals believers around the world for donation to stand with the channel in its financial crisis to support the Husseini rituals and spread the culture of Ahlul Bait, peace be upon them

Saudi and Kuwaiti intelligence order to ban Anwar2 TV Channel

Anwar2 TV Channel announced that the Kuwaiti authorities ordered to suspend the license of the channel by Gulf Sat Co. for Satellite Channels Service, which is owned by the son of the Kuwaiti prince Sheikh Nasir al-Subah, on Atlantic Bird Sat on Nile Sat Orbit

Shia Rights Watch now available on Android

Shia Rights Watch (SRW)” is now available on the Android to be up to date with Shia news. Shia Rights Watch released its ‘SRW’ app on Monday, October 27, 2014 for Android devices. 

Shia Rights Watch demands urgent release of Sheikh Nimr

Shia Rights Watch Organization has stressed the necessity of urgent release of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi authorities immediately and without delay or procrastination for social and humanitarian considerations.

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