Table sugar less toxic than fructose

A new research has found that all “added sugar” found typically in processed foods are bad but among them the fructose found in corn syrup may harm the health more than table sugar.

Study shows sedentary lifestyle made human bones lighter

A new study showed that human evolution from hunter-gatherers to farmers has made the skeletal system lighter and more fragile, warning of health risks caused by a sedentary lifestyle to future generations.

Muharram apps help mourners fulfill spiritual goals

Muharram apps, which are available for smartphones running on android and iOS platforms, make it easy for the generation of azadaars or (mourners) to catch up with their special prayers, read scriptures in their own language, and schedule their ziyarat.

Scientists discover new 'sleep node' in brain

A sleep-promoting circuit located deep in the primitive brainstem has revealed how we fall into deep sleep. This is only the second 'sleep node' identified in the mammalian brain whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep.

Sibling bullying ups depression risk

A collaborative study has shown that experiencing regular bullying by a sibling as a child almost doubles the risk of depression when one is older.


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