Azerbaijan’s smallest copy of Quran in Ganja Museum + Photos


A very small copy of the Quran believed to be the smallest in the Republic of Azerbaijan, is kept in the Ganja Branch of Museum of Miniature Books.

According to Azertaj website, the copy weighs only 10 grams and measures 2 by 3 centimeters.

Dating back to 1672 AD, it is also one of the oldest copies of the Holy Book on display at the museum.

Despite being very small in size, the copy includes all the Surahs (chapters) and verses of the Quran. The Ganja branch of Baku Museum of Miniature Books was launched in Ganja in March 2016. It has 1068 copies of small books from 29 countries featuring different subjects.

The Baku Museum of Miniature Books is the only museum of miniature books in the world, settled in the old part of Baku, called Inner City. The museum started its operation on April 2, 2002.




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